Founder Jayme Marshall


I have been handcrafting art jewelry for over 30 years. I primarily work with fine and sterling silver, gold, gemstones, sea glass, pearls, and flame-worked glass. I love experimenting with new techniques and finding ways to incorporate interesting textures and patinas. Recently, I have added antique impression dies to my repertoire, opening up new designs with a nod to the Art Nouvea style.

Much of my inspiration stems from being a lifelong observer, seeker, and student of wisdom traditions. I also have a deep reverence for the planet and am a lifelong organic gardener. My imaginative collections stem from these interests and are an ever-evolving synergy of movement, light, texture, color, and symbolism.

I live and work in the most magical little village with deep history and spectacular scenery, Burkittsville, Maryland. My studio and storefront sit on the square corner of town in a circa 1850 building. I am open weekends and by appointment for a fun adventure. 

Timeless Design
Embodying elegance in simplicity, my designs blend timeless tradition with contemporary aesthetics to enhance your unique style.
High-Quality Materials
Crafted materials, our jewelry marries durability with beauty, offering you heirloom-quality pieces that shine through generations.
Various Sizes & Shapes
Our diverse portfolio embraces various sizes and shapes, ensuring every individual finds a piece that resonates with their personal style and story.

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